National Arrow & Emergency offer superior emergency electrical products for all emergency lighting and auto electrical needs. Our emergency electrical products are made with the highest quality and design in mind, so they won’t let you down when you need them most. We stock a range of electrical equipment including battery chargers, fuses and holders, sockets and accessories, and switching equipment.

Battery chargers can be essential in any emergency situation, which is why we stock high performance LCD display chargers with AUTO select single button easy mode action that allows users to choose various functions and features to maintain their batteries. Our fuses and fuse holders also have a high temperature rating, high current ratings and can assist with power distribution protection. They also come in compact sizes with a secure bolt-in connection that make them ideal for use in mining and emergency service vehicles, battery charges and inverters.

Our range of sockets are also easy to install and come with their own mounting panel and rubber protection cap for easy and safe use. We also stock multi-functional control switches that are compatible with any light bar, traffic adviser light, light control, or siren tone. Our control panel switch is able to run independently from other main power switches and sources making it a good emergency solution.

Browse our range of emergency electrical equipment for all of your emergency lighting needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.